Hurricane Kit Essentials – Prepare now!

Many know the basics to include in their hurricane kit and many do not even think to prepare one. Prepare now or run the risk of not being ready when disaster hits. You should have preparations ready for your family for at least 2 weeks.

Here is a great list of items to maintain in your hurricane kit:
1. Jugs of filtered water, bottled water or a water filter.
2. Canned Food Items and Non-perishables.
3. MANUAL can opener.
4. NOAA Weather Radio (battery powered)
5. Flashlights
6. Personal Fans for each family member
7. Batteries
8. Extra Clothing
9. Medicine
10.First Aid Kit
11. Whistle (to alert for help if needed)
12. Cell phones and chargers that can be charged using battery power.
13. Your Insurance Policies, Company Claim’s Numbers, Name of Agent and Agent Contact Number
14. Inventory of the contents in your home. This can be done by a video of each room, photos or a comprehensive list with approximate values associated with each item.

An easy way to build a hurricane kit is to go buy a large rubber bin, load your essentials in it and store it out of the way. Then you are prepared and do not have to fight the mad dash to get your essentials when a storm threatens your area.