Halloweeen – Avoid Nightmare Claims!

No one associates Halloween with insurance claims – what could possibly happen on such a fun holiday? Think LIABILITY…

Here are a few pointers on how to keep your Halloween fun and claim free:

(1) DRIVE CAREFULLY – Avoid distractions while driving (including CELL PHONES), Look for children darting out into the street, and DRIVE SLOWLY.

(2) MAKE YOU PROPERTY SAFE: clear pathways of toys, wires, etc. and light your walkway and porch. This lessens the likely hood that someone will fall or trip and leave you liable.

(3) KEEP PETS AWAY FROM THE DOOR: Even if you  have the sweetest old Labrador retriever in the world, keep it out of the commotion. Not only can this help your dog from being anxious, but also eliminate any animal liability threat.

(4) TREATS: You are responsible for what you hand out to children. Hand out individually  prepackaged candy.

(5) Jack – O- Lanterns: We all love them, but don’t leave that candle burning by accident! Or, avoid flames all together with battery operated candles for your pumpkins this year!

We hope you have a fun filled and safe Halloween Night!