Our Mission is Clear

Our mission is clear: McKay Insurance is committed to prompt service for their clients, to preserve their most valued assets in times of need; educating, protecting and guiding thoughtful, responsible adults to control exposure to risk. They provide full explanations and answer all questions while delivering outstanding policy value. Be confident that the professional that […]

Market Value vs. Replacement Cost

The most common answer from clients when discussing the amount to insure their home for is “Well, I bought it for _______”. Market value has little if anything to do with the amount to insure your home. It is an indication of value when buying and selling, but not an indication of the rebuilding cost […]

Are You Missing Out on Substantial Wind Mitigation Credits on your Homeowners Policy?

Are You Missing Out on Substantial Wind Mitigation Credits on your Homeowners Policy? Living in the Coastal Territories of Charleston County, insureds should always be aware of possible ways to reduce their homeowners insurance premiums. A large percentage of the annual premium for a homeowners insurance policy that is inclusive of windstorm and hail coverage […]

Mid-Year Home Sales Continue To Rise

Thinking of selling your home? Real Estate Agent, Stephanie Toole with the Matt O’Neill Real Estate Team, sent us the latest market information for home sales in the Lowcountry! Check out her article below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Midyear Sales Continue to Rise Stephanie Toole with Matt O’Neill Real Estate Team CHARLESTON, SC—(July 10, 2014) According to preliminary […]

How Will a Hurricane Impact Charleston?

The past few hurricane seasons have left some of us complacent. We have been lucky to dodge bullets in the past years, but what impact will a hurricane have on our area? A wonderful article was published in the Post and Courier on  Wednesday, March 5 of 2008. Tony Bartelme wrote the following article outlining […]

Buying an Older Home? You may need a 4-Point Inspection, but what is it?

Many companies in the Coastal Market are requiring a favorable 4-Point Inspection be submitted on homes older than 30-40 years on average. Without this 4-Point Inspection these companies (that typically have lower rates) will not even look at the home to quote! So, WHAT IS A 4-POINT INSPECTION? A 4-Point Inspection is an inspection done […]

Earthquakes in South Carolina – Should I have Coverage?

In the process of buying a homeowners policy whether you are shopping on renewal or purchasing a new home, you are probably asked the question “Are you interested in earthquake coverage?”. Some may give it some thought, but ultimately decide that this is a risk they are willing to take living in the Low Country. […]

Rolling out a new ad in the winter issue of Charleston Home and Design Magazine!

Be sure to check out our new ad in the winter issue of Charleston Home and Design Magazine. We can always count on Sam Johnson to create a crisp, clean and visually attractive ad that fits our brand perfectly. Thank you, Sam for all your hard work! Let us know what you think! Click the […]

Halloweeen – Avoid Nightmare Claims!

No one associates Halloween with insurance claims – what could possibly happen on such a fun holiday? Think LIABILITY… Here are a few pointers on how to keep your Halloween fun and claim free: (1) DRIVE CAREFULLY – Avoid distractions while driving (including CELL PHONES), Look for children darting out into the street, and DRIVE […]

Does your higher percentage wind and hail deductible make you antsy?

Most companies include a higher deductible for windstorm and hail on your property insurance on the coast. This deductible is usually a percentage amount of your dwelling limit. For example:  You have a $200,000 dwelling limit on your homeowners policy with a 3% wind and hail deductible, your actual deductible is $6,000. Why not open […]